Vegetarian Cooking Classes

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Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking Classes Spring Session 2019

with Chef Manjuali Devi

8 classes for $200 or $35/class, including Dinner
Thursday evenings 7-9 pm

No pre-registration necessary - just show up!   

Apr 4        How to Make Panir and Yogurt, Panir Masala, Simple Vegetable Pulao (Rice dish),
                 and Mango Lassi (yogurt drink)

Apr 11       Malai Kofta (veggie balls in cream gravy), Masala Kulcha (stuffed flatbread), Green
                 Apple Chutney, and Mixed Berry Halvah (farina dessert)

Apr 18      Vangibath (South Indian eggplant rice), Aloo Mattar Sabzi (potatoes and peas),
                 Masala Puri (puffed bread), and Makkai Chivda (savory corn snack)

Apr 25      Mixed Bean Curry, Mooli Paratha (radish-stuffed flatbread), Mint Raita (yogurt
                 salad), and Panna (green mango dink)

May 2       Gobi Manchurian (spicy cauliflower dish), Fried Rice, Asian Vegetable Fritters with
                 Sweet and Sour Dip, and Orange - Ginger Drink with Verbena

May 9       Uttapam (rice and dal vegetable-stuffed pancake), Thengai Dal Kurma (mixed veg   
                  with coconut), Batata Wada (potato balls), and Cilantro Mint Chutney

May 16     Street Food Classics: Bhelpuri (puffed rice dish), Dahi Batata Puri (yogurt - potato 
on puffed bread), Ragda (potato patty w/ gravy), and Tomato - Tamarind Salad

May 23     Cheese Quiche, Italian Caulifllower Pakora (fritter), Sprouted Sweet and Sour Salad,
                 and Chikki (granola bar)



Monday is our day of rest.  We hope to see you tomorrow.