Menu and Prices

We offer an international buffet that changes every day. The choices always include:

Dal (soup) - A classic and nutritious bean soup, warmly spiced and made from various Indian relatives of the lentil. Dal beans contain more protein (up to 40%) than domestic varieties, and when combined with whole grains provide complete protein, with the full spectrum of amino acids.

Pullao (rice) - Unpolished jasmine or basmati rice cooked in countless combinations with various vegetables, nuts and spices.  We also offer brown rice daily on the buffet.

Kalachandjis foodSabji (vegetable curry) - A delicious combination of vegetables, or a single vegetable, delicately spiced. We use only the best fresh vegetables available in season.

Steamed Vegetables
- For those who prefer to keep it simple, we also offer garden fresh vegetables, lightly steamed, with a lemon-tahini sauce you can add if you like.

International Entrée - We offer a different main dish selection every evening. Favorites include lasagna, enchiladas, quiche, and barbecued tofu.

Pakora (savory) - Vegetable pieces dipped in a spicy chickpea flour batter and deep-fried. Crispy on the outside, and moist and tender on the inside.

Chutney (relish) - A zesty condiment made from different varieties of fresh fruit. Excellent with pakoras.  

Achar (pickle) - A fiery condiment made with jalapeno peppers for those who want to add more heat to their meal.

Pappadam (spiced wafer) - These paper-thin wafers are made from ground urad dal beans which are made into a dough, rolled out and sun-dried, and then roasted until crisp.

Salad and BreadHomemade Breads - Our famous whole wheat and cinnamon-raisin breads are baked fresh every day. Also available by the loaf.

Tamarind Tea
- Our original fruit drink, made from the tart pulp extracted from the pod of the tamarind tree. Better than lemonade.

Halvah (farina cake) - A fluffy grain dessert made from toasted farina, and combined with nuts or fruit for a countless variety of flavors.

Kheer (rice pudding) - A creamy dessert made from fresh milk and rice, and flavored with cardamom, saffron, rose essence, nuts or fruit

All selections include soup, bread, drink and dessert!


Lunch $9.95
Dinner $10.95


Lunch $11.95
Dinner $14.95


Special hours, 11 - 3 and 5:30 - 9, and special $16.95 price. Mung dal soup, tofu turkey w/ dressing, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, candied yams, green beans, mustard greens, wild rice, veg pakora, cornbread, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, salad bar and pumpkin pie! The buffet line can be very long for the early seating - the evening one is always a bit more civilized. Wink

Today's Menu*

11/17/17 Friday

Yellow Split Pea Soup
Steamed Veg w/ *Lemon Tahini
Basmati Rice
Brown Rice
Bok Choy
Okra - Potato

Tindoora Squash w/ Coconut
Mixed Bean Curry

Homemade Jalapeno Pickle
* House Baked Whole Wheat & Raisin Breads
Salad Bar 

Yellow Split Pea Soup
Steamed Veg w/ *Lemon Tahini
Basmati Rice
Brown Rice
Bok Choy
Bitter Melon - Potato

Loki Squash w/ Coconut
# Panir Masala
* Lasagna
Homemade Jalapeno Pickle
Veg Pakora
Tamarind Chutney
* House Baked Whole Wheat & Raisin Breads
Salad Bar 

# Vanilla Sweet Rice
#* Carob - Walnut Halvah
* Vegan Ginger Cookie

# Contains Dairy
* Contains Gluten

*Menu subject to change - we project as closely as we can based on available materials and expected business



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Sat-Sun - 12:00pm to 3:00 pm


Tue-Sun - 5:30pm to 9:00pm

Closed on Mondays