Chapati (griddle baked flatbread)
 $ 0.50 ea
 Paratha (griddle fried flatbread)  $ 1.00 ea
 Stuffed Paratha (potato, cauliflower or panir)  $ 2.00 ea
 Puri (fried puffed bread)
 $ 0.50 ea
 Masala Puri (spiced puffed bread)
 $ 0.50 ea
 Spinach or Beet Puri  $ 0.50 ea
 Bhatura (leavened fried puffed bread)  $ 1.00 ea
 Pappadam (crispy dal wafer)
 $ 0.50 ea
 Our famous Whole Wheat or Raisin Bread
 $ 5.95 / loaf

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