Vegetarian Cooking Classes

The Cooking Class is on Summer vacation and will return in September. Please leave us your email address if you would like to receive the schedule when ready. Also please let us know any particular dishes you would like to learn.
























































Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking Classes Spring Session 2018

with Chef Manjuali Devi

12 classes for $240 or $30/class, including Dinner
Thursday evenings 7-9 pm

No pre-registration necessary - just show up!   

Feb 1        Yellow Mung Dal (soup), Quinoa Pulao, Aloo Fansi Sabzi (green bean -                  
potato), and Palak Pakora (spinach fritter) with Tamarind Chutney

Feb 8        Shepherd's Pie, Govinda Gravy, Pumpkin Sabzi, and Chapati (wheat 

Feb 15      Gujarati Dal (soup) Kofta Balls in Coconut Gravy, Ajwan Puri (puffed bread),
                 and Pineapple - Coconut Halvah (farina dessert) 

Feb 22      Spinach Filo, Soy Nugget Curry, Tomatar Pulao (tomato rice), and Boondi
Raita (yogurt salad)

Mar 1        Gaura Purnima Celebration - All invited - no class 

Mar 8       Mung Bean Soup, Aloo Kerela (bitter melon - potato), palak Channa Baigan. 
                (eggplant - spinach w/ chickpeas), and Jeera Pulao (cumin rice)

Mar 15      Panir Masala (fresh cheese curry), Panir Paratha (curd-stuffed flatbread),   
                 Bindhi Raita (okra - yogurt salad), and Mango Rice Khir (sweet rice dessert)

Mar 22      Uttappam (veg-stuffed crepe), Thengai Dal Kurma (mixed veg w/ coconut), 
                 Mangloriean Boonda (veg fritter balls), and Coconut - Cilantro Chutney

Mar 29      Palak Toor Dal (lentil soup w/ spinach), Gobi Mattar Samosa (cauliflower and 
                 pea-stuffed pastry), Veg Pulao (rice dish), and Tamatar Imli Chaat (snack)

Apr 5        Preparation for Ratha Yatra in Klyde Warren Park - no class 

Apr 12      Eggless Cheese Quiche, Stuffed Peppers in Tomato Gravy, Dal Fry Pulao (rice
                 and dal dish), and Aloo Raita (potato - yogurt salad)

Apr 19     Uppama (farina and veg dish), Cashew Panir Tikka (kabob), Tomato Chutney,
                and Masala Chai

Apr 26     BBQ Tofu, Kus Kus Pulao (poppy seed rice), Mustard greens, and Asian 
               Vegetable Stir-fry

May 3     Summer Sambhar Soup, Aloo Methi Sabzi (fenugreek potatoes), Basmati Ghee
               Rice, and Green papaya w/ Coconut