Vegetarian Cooking Classes

The cooking class is on vacation for the holidays. If you would like us to send you the January session schedule when it's ready, please send us an email. 


























Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking Classes Fall Session 2018

with Chef Manjuali Devi

10 classes for $250 or $35/class, including Dinner
Thursday evenings 7-9 pm

No pre-registration necessary - just show up!   

Sep 13      Chole Masala (chickpea curry), Aloo Karela Sabzi (bitter melon - potato), 
                 Vegetable Pulao (rice dish), and Vanilla Rice Khir (sweet rice dessert)

Sep 20      Spinach Fillo, Panir Masala (curd cubes in cream gravy), Panir Kulcha (curd- 
                 stuffed flatbread), Yogurt Method, and Cucumber Carrot Raita (yogurt salad) 

Sep 27      Samosa (veg-stuffed pastry) with Mint Chutney, Kitchri (one-pot rice, dal
                 and veg dish), and Strawberry Orange Lassi (yogurt drink) 

Oct 4        Kofta Balls in Tomato Gravy, Kale and Coconut Stir-fry, Batura (yeasted puffed
bread), and Aloo Tikki Chaat (potato salad)

Oct 11       Eggplant Parmigiana, Quinoa Pulao, Yam Pakora (chickpea battered fritter) 
                 with Tamarind Chutney, and Vegan Ginger Cookies

Oct 18      Chori Masala (blackeye pea curry), Loki Nariyal Sabzi (squash w/ coconut),  
                 Methi Paratha (fenugreek-stuffed flatbread), and Mixed Fruit Chutney

Oct 25      Stuffed Bell Peppers, Black Bean Curry, Dhokla (savory steamed cake) with  
                 Sweet and Sour Cilantro Chutney

Nov 1       Sabut Moong Dal (mung bean soup), Cauliflower - Zucchini w/ Coconut,
                 Multigrain Paratha (flatbread), and Nariyal Til Ka Pulao (sesame rice dish)

Nov 8       South Indian Sambhar soup, Palak Panir (spinach and curd cheese), Saffron
                 Rice w/ Veggie Balls, and Carob Walnut Halvah (farina dessert)

Nov 15     Spinach Lasagna, Brussels Sprout, Potato and Peas w/ Sour Cream Sauce,
                 and Dal Wada (fried split pea cake) with Coconut Chutney