Vegetarian Cooking Classes

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Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking Classes Fall Session 2019

with Chef Manjuali Devi

10 classes for $250 or $35/class, including Dinner
Thursday evenings 7-9 pm

No pre-registration necessary - just show up!   

Sep 12      Yellow Mung Dal, Cauliflower - Zucchini w/ Coconut, Pudina Pulao (rice dish
                  with mint), and Date Nut Laddu (unsweetened dessert)

Sep 19       Summer Cold Sambhar Soup, Brussels Sprout - Potato, Elumichai Sadam (South
                  Indian lemon rice), and Dal Wada (split pea fritter)

Spr 26       Gujarati Kadhi (yogurt soup), Khitchari (one-pot rice and dal meal), Baigan Channa
                  Palak (eggplant, spinach and chickpeas), and Pineapple - Coconut Halvah

Oct 3         Mung Bean Soup, Aloo Baigan Sabzi (eggplant - potato), Okra Raita (yogurt salad),
                  and Super Soft 
Chapati (flatbread)

Oct 10       South Indian Sambhar Soup, Masala Dosa (stuffed crepe), Idli (steamed savory
                  cake), and Coconut Chutney               

Oct 17       How to make Panir, Panir Butter Masala, Chawal Paratha (griddle baked flatbread),  
                  and Beetroot Halvah (unsweetened dessert)

Oct 24       Rajmah Masala (kidney bean curry), Aloo Fansi Sabzi (green bean - potato), Jeera
                  Pulao (cumin rice), and Methi Paratha (flatbread)

Oct 31       BBQ Tofu, Mustard Greens, Kus Kus Pulao (poppy seed rice), and Thai Pakora
                  (batter-fried veg) with Peanut Sauce

Nov 7        Yellow Split Pea Soup, Pumpkin Sabzi, Palak Panir Pulao (rice with spinach and curd
                  cheese), and Burfi (milk caramel fudge)

Nov 14      Thanksgiving Curd Bird with Quinoa Dressing, Gluten-free Gravy, Cranberry Sauce,
                  and Pumpkin Pie