Vegetarian Cooking Classes

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Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking Classes Fall Session 2017

with Chef Manjuali Devi

10 classes for $200 or $30/class, including Dinner
Thursday evenings 7-9pm

No pre-registration necessary - just show up!   

Sep 14      Nut Loaf, Aloo Matar Samosa (potato and pea pastry), Tamarind Chutney,                  
and Strawberry Rice Khir (sweet rice dessert)

Sep 21      Lobia Masala (blackeye pea curry), Batura (yeasted puffed bread), Loki
                 Nariyal Sabzi (Asian long squash w/ coconut), and Carob - Walnut Halvah

Sep 28      Chole Masala (chickpea curry), Cauliflower - Zucchini w/ Coconut, Panir
                 Paratha (curd-stuffed flatbread), and Nariyal Til Ki Pulao (sesame rice dish) 

Oct 5        Sabut Moong Dal (mung bean soup), Aloo Baingan Sabzi (eggplant - potato
dish), Masala Puri (puffed flatbread), and Jeera Pulao (cumin seed rice)

Oct 12      Cauliflower Manchurian w/ Tofu, Chinese Fried Rice, Asian Veg Fritters w/ 
                 Sweet and Sour Dip, and Mango Lassi (yogurt drink)

Oct 19      Aloo Dahi (sesame yogurt potatoes), Homemade Yogurt, Gobi Paratha   
                 (cauliflower-stuffed flatbread), and Gulab Jamun (milk cakes in syrup)

Oct 26      Brussels Sprouts, Potatoes and Peas in Sour Cream Sauce, Lemon Rice, 
                 Dhokla (steamed farina cake), and Sweet and Sour Cilantro Chutney

Nov 2       Kofta Balls in Tomato Gravy, Mustard Greens Stir-fry, Poppy Seed Rice,
                 and Orange Mint Ginger Drink

Nov 9       Spinach Lasagna, Kale and Potatoes, Italian Cauliflower Parmigiana Fritters,
                 and Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Nov 16     Thanksgiving Curd Bird with Quinoa Dressing and Gluten-free Gravy, and
                 Cranberry Sauce